Feed Your Baby Comfortably with Multifunctional NUK Baby Bottles

One of the most prominent advantages of baby bottles is that they allow you to easily feed your baby at a public place without earning you any disapproving comment. These also make feeding the little ones much less time-consuming.


If you are thinking about the ways to feed your infant in the safest possible manner, then you must definitely consider NUK baby bottles. Most of these products wide neck natribottles are basically made from highly tempered borosilicate glass that makes them absolutely safe as well as reliable, besides being easily washable. Also, they are 100% BPA free and can withstand up to 600 °C temperatures. Their vibrantly colorful sleeves make feeding more fun and enjoyable. The food grade silicone sleeves not only feature great colors, but these also enable you to the level of milk in the bottle. They can be easily removed for cleaning and tend to change their color to white when the liquid inside the bottle has a temperature of 42 °C or above which is the highest temperature or baby milk or other liquids.

Not only this, these are dishwasher as well as steriliser safe and compactable with most other wide neck breast pumps. The box usually includes 2 x150 ML glass bottles with silicon colour change sleeves in dark and light blue colours, 2 travel seals, 2 screw caps and lids.



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